About CST Coaching

Commit, Surrender, Trust – Those words came from a quote in “Chop Wood, Carry Water,” a book by Joshua Medcalf. If you want to change, you must Commit to it, Surrender the outcome, and Trust in the process. I decided to name the blog with the first letters of those three words. They also have great meaning when it comes to a relationship with God. Commit your life to Him, Surrender your life to Him, And Trust Him in ALL things!

After getting laid off from high paying computer jobs for the third time in four years, I found myself bankrupt, homeless, and nearly divorced. I turned to God and surrendered everything to him. Since then, He as restored my marriage and blessed my family many times over. God has giving me a purpose and a plan to help others that are struggling like I was. God wants us to be successful and happy in life. The way to start is to commit, surrender, and trust!